3D Bubble Writer

Linda Scott


A Book of Bears

Katie Viggers


A Cat’s Guide to the Night Sky

Stuart Atkinson, Illustrations by Brendan Kearney


A Year in Nature

Hazel Maskell, Illustrations by Eleanor Taylor



Aleksandra Artymowska


Amelia Earhart

Isabel Thomas, illustrations by Dàlia Adillon


An A to Z of Monsters and Magical Beings

Rob Hodgson and Aidan Onn


Animal Architects

Julio Antonio Blasco and Daniel Nassar


Animal Doctor

Julio Antonio Blasco, Mark Doran and Angie Trius


Anne Frank

Isabel Thomas, illustrations by Paola Escobar


Arnold’s Extraordinary Art Museum

Catherine Ingram, illustrations by Jim Stoten


Around the World with the Ingreedies

Zoë Bather, Chris Dickason and Joe Sharpe


Art Play

Marion Deuchars


Bauhaus Ballet

Lesley Barnes and Gabby Dawnay


Bob the Artist

Marion Deuchars


Bob’s Blue Period

Marion Deuchars