This Means This, This Means That: A User’s Guide to Semiotics, second edition

Sean Hall


Sustainability in Interior Design


Art by Tattooists

Jo Waterhouse



Drusilla Cole


Numbers in Graphic Design

Roger Fawcett-Tang


Why Shrink-Wrap a Cucumber?

Stephen Aldridge and Laurel Miller


Print & Pattern 2

Bowie Style


Saul Bass

Jennifer Bass and Pat Kirkham


Symbol: The Reference Guide to Abstract and Figurative Trademarks

Steven Bateman and Angus Hyland


Guerrilla Advertising 2

Gavin Lucas


The 3D Type Book



Bibliographic (paperback)

Jason Godfrey


Folding Techniques for Designers

Paul Jackson


Planning Office Spaces

Juruaan van Meel, Yuri Mertens and Hermen Jan van Ree


Graphic Design: A User’s Manual

Adrian Shaughnessy


Don’t Get a Job…Make a Job

Gem Barton