299 Cats (and a dog)

Léa Maupetit


Action and Adventure

Luke Brookes



Federico Babina



Steve Bowkett


Art Genius

Illustrations by Rebecca Clarke


Australia’s Deadly Animals Bingo

Chris Humfrey, illustrations by Marcel George


Baby Zoo

Damien Poulain


Backyard Birds

Illustrations by Christine Berrie


Battle of the Bands

Stephen Ellcock and Mikkel Sommer


Battle of the Bikes

David Sparshott


Bicycle Travel Journal

Nigel Peake



Illustrations by Ryuto Miyake


Bob the Artist: Dominoes

Marion Deuchars


Bug Bingo

Illustrated by Christine Berrie


Build Your Own Mars Colony

Illustrations by Jana Glatt


Butterfly Wings

Mike Unwin, Illustrations by Christine Berrie