Ways of Traveling

Grace Helmer


Inside the Chocolate Factory

Little White Lies


Animal Mah-Jong

Ryuto Miyake


Pop Art Puzzle

Illustrations by Andrew Rae



Julie Rose Bower and Jonathan Kaplan, illustrations by Grace Helmer


Who’s Hiding in the Jungle?

Caroline Selmes


Do You Look Like Your Cat?

Gerrard Gethings and Debora Robertson


The Wine Game

Zeren Wilson, illustrations by Cassandre Montoriol Alaux


Make Your Own Fairy Tale: Snow White

Kirsti Davidson


Movie Tarot

Diana McMahon Collis, illustrated by Natalie Foss


Queens (Drag Queens Playing Cards)

Daniela Henríquez


The World of Sherlock Holmes

Nicholas Utechin, illustrations by Doug John Miller


Genius TV

Rachelle Baker


299 Cats (and a dog)

Léa Maupetit


Genius Movies

Bijou Karman


Tree Vision

Tony Kirkham, Illustrations by Holly Exley