Action and Adventure

Luke Brookes


Art Genius

Illustrations by Rebecca Clarke


Battle of the Bands

Stephen Ellcock and Mikkel Sommer


Battle of the Bikes

David Sparshott



Illustrations by Ryuto Miyake


Bob the Artist: Dominoes

Marion Deuchars


Bug Bingo

Illustrated by Christine Berrie


Butterfly Wings

Mike Unwin, Illustrations by Christine Berrie


Cat Gurus

Mister Peebles



Polly Horner and Sue Parslow


Cats & Kittens

Illustrations by Marcel George


Celebrity Love Match

Illustrations by Joanna Henly


Come Together

Illustrations by St├ęphane Manel


Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner

Concept by Angus Hyland, Text by Kendra Wilson, Illustrations by Dave Hopkins


Dazzleship Battleships


Dead or Alive

JeezVanilla (Adriana Bellet)