Endangered Animals Bingo

Magma Publishing Ltd, Marcel George and others


Jane Austen Playing Cards

Illustrated by Barry Falls, John Mullan


Do You Know Your Dogs?

Debora Robertson, illustrated by Polly Horner


Tree Families

Tony Kirkham, illustrated by Ryuto Miyake


I Saw It First! Egypt

Caroline Selmes


Farm Bingo

Caroline Selmes


Drag Match

Greg Bailey and Gerrard Gethings


The Art Game – New Edition!

James Cahill & Holly Black, illustrations by Mikkel Sommer


Bug Me Not! Magma, illustrations by Maya Stepien

Magma, illustrations by Maya Stepien


The TikTok Challenge

Will Eagle illustrated by Aga Giecko


Do You Look Like Your Cat?

Gerrard Gethings and Debora Robertson


Animal Mah-Jong

Ryuto Miyake


Who’s Hiding in the Jungle?

Caroline Selmes


The Wine Game

Zeren Wilson, illustrations by Cassandre Montoriol Alaux


Make Your Own Fairy Tale: Snow White

Kirsti Davidson


Queens (Drag Queens Playing Cards)

Daniela Henríquez