Fashion Design Research, Second Edition

Ezinma Mbeledogu


Studio Craft and Technique for Architects, Second Edition

Miriam Delaney and Anne Gorman


Visual Merchandising Fourth Edition

Tony Morgan


Introduction to Architectural Technology Third Edition

William McLean and Pete Silver


Designing Knitted Textiles

Florence Spurling


Fundamentals of Art History

Michael Cothren and Anne D'Alleva


Methods and Theories of Art History Third Edition

Michael Cothren and Anne D'Alleva


The Creative Nudge

Kevin Chesters and Mick Mahoney


Photography, Fifth Edition

Mary Warner Marien


Circular Fashion: Making the Fashion Industry Sustainable

Peggy Blum


Couture Tailoring: A Construction Guide for Women’s Jackets

Claire Shaeffer


Product Design Styling

Peter Dabbs


Pattern Cutting, Second Edition

Dennic Chunman Lo


Pattern Cutting for Menswear, Second Edition

Gareth Kershaw


100 Years of Fashion

Cally Blackman


Color, Third Edition

David Hornung