Introduction to Architectural Technology Third Edition

William McLean and Pete Silver


100 Ideas That Changed Architecture

Richard Weston


BAWA Staircases

David Robson, Photography by Sebastian Posingis


Manufacturing Architecture: An Architect’s Guide to Custom Processes, Materials and Applications

Dana K. Gulling


Design Process in Architecture

Geoffrey Makstutis


How to Make Repeat Patterns: A Guide for Designers, Architects, and Artists

Paul Jackson


The Art of Architectural Daylighting

Mary Guzowski


A New History of Modern Architecture (paperback)

Colin Davies


Biomorphic Structures

Asterios Agkathidis


100 Years of Architecture

Alan Powers


Complete Pleats: Pleating Techniques for Fashion, Architecture and Design

Paul Jackson


What is Architecture?

Rasmus Waern


A History of Western Architecture

David Watkin


Sketching for Architecture + Interior Design

Stephanie Travis


Studio Craft & Technique for Architects

Miriam Delaney and Anne Gorman


Detail in Contemporary Timber Architecture (paperback)

Virginia McLeod