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Cat Bingo

Illustrated by Marcel George


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A beautifully illustrated bingo game featuring 64 breeds of cat from around the world. Spot all kinds of cats – from Tonkinese to Siamese, and from Bengals to Birmans – mark them off on your card and … BINGO!

Cat Bingo brings a fun and educational twist to the traditional game as players learn the names, colourings, and characteristics of their favorite breeds.

Contains 64 superbly illustrated cat tokens, one playing board, 12 bingo cards, and brightly colored counters for you to mark up your card. Also includes a leaflet containing information on each of the cats included.

Cat Bingo ships internationally with free shipping on orders over $25.

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Marcel George specialises in water-colour illustration and has produced work for clients including the Financial Times, Esquire, the Wellcome Trust and Bloomberg. He also loves cats.

Cat Bingo virtual party kit

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