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Dead or Alive

A Gangster Top Score Game

JeezVanilla (Adriana Bellet)


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Who’s the badder baddie, Billy the Kid or Jesse James, Al Capone or Pablo Escobar? Is ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly a match for Bonnie and Clyde? Could Ma Barker and her gang face up to Mishka Yaponchik and his personal army of 10,000?

Find out who served the most time and who never lived to tell the tale, who ran his operations from inside his cell and who turned her outlaw past into a political career as you pit crook against crim, wiseguy against outlaw, and capo against don.

Go head to head with 32 of the world’s worst to find out who really is the nastiest piece of work!

Adriana Bellet is an illustrator and pattern designer based in Stockholm. She graduated from UAL in 2010 with a postgrad in Surface Design and has been freelancing ever since. She loves to work with ink and watercolor and favors bold lines and bright colors for her illustrations. She has collaborated with publications including Little White Lies, Esquire Spain, UPPERCASE, and Frankie.