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Detail in Contemporary Lighting Design

Jill Entwistle


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Lighting is a key feature of almost all interiors but it is often treated in a rather superficial manner in most books. This volume features more than 40 recent international projects where the lighting is the defining design feature.

For large schemes, a professional lighting designer is usually employed, but for smaller projects it will often fall to the architect or interior designer to specify the lighting. In either case, it is crucial that the architect or interior designer understands what lighting is available, how it can be used and controlled and how it can be fitted.

Each project includes detailed plans, diagrams, sketches, and CAD visuals to demonstrate the lighting techniques involved. These are accompanied by an explanatory text that looks at the original brief, the design concept, and the detailed specification of the light fittings. A bonus CD includes technical drawings from the book. This book will be an invaluable resource for professional interior designers and architects in what is a fast-changing field.

Jill Entwistle was editor of Light magazine for several years and is the author of a number of books on lighting, including Designing with Light: Bars and Clubs and Designing with Light: Hotels.

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