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Detail in Contemporary Retail Design

Drew Plunkett and Olga Reid


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Good retail design must attract and keep customers, support a brand or store’s image, showcase the product, and work as a functional shopping environment. This book features 44 of the best recent examples of retail design from around the world, and examines the details within the larger decorative schemes.

Most retail interiors have a comparatively short life, and economic challenges and budgets do influence choice of materials and methods of construction. However, tricks of the trade and creative consideration of detail can achieve a sense of luxury and style.

Projects range from specialist boutiques to branded high street chain stores, from fashion retailers to eateries, and include descriptive text, color photographs, floor plans, sections, and construction and decorative details. A bonus CD-ROM contains all the drawings as printed in the book, in both EPS and DWG (generic CAD) formats.

Drew Plunkett was Head of the Department of Interior Design at the Glasgow School of Art. Since 1981 he has practiced as an interior designer based in London and Glasgow. He is also active as an exhibitor, curator, and critical writer. He is the author of Drawing for Interior Design (2009).

Olga Reid is a practicing interior designer at Urban Salon, London.