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Do You Look Like Your Dog?

Match Dogs with Their Humans: A Memory Game

Gerrard Gethings


Pair up the dogs with their humans in this hilarious card game. Fifty cards depict fun photographs of the dogs and owners, and humorous texts are included in the booklet to provide clues about 25 people and their furry best friends.

Why DO people look like their dogs? Is it shared personality traits, barely suppressed narcissistic tendencies, or do they grow together over time like old married couples? This game explores the intense bonds we develop with our dogs, which are far from only skin, or even fur, deep.

Play as a memory game with the cards face down for added entertainment. Collect the most pairs to win! This is the perfect gift for dog lovers.

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Gerrard Gethings is a photographer and dog lover renowned for his characterful portraits of animals. He has produced fashion, lifestyle, and animal photography for a wide variety of clients within editorial, TV, and advertising.

Mark Edmonds is a freelance writer and journalist. He was previously Associate Editor of The Sunday Times magazine.

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