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Find my Piglet!

The Animal Family Memory Game

Oscar Bolton Green


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Will every cub, pup, or kitten find its parent? From seals to seahorses and camels to pandas, all kinds of happy animal families feature in this matching game, in which players reunite animal mothers and fathers with their babies.

Find My Piglet! makes learning fun, adding an educational element to the traditional memory game as players learn the names of animals and their offspring.

Containing 63 beautifully illustrated cards, this delightful game includes a colorful poster that shows all the animals posing happily together.

Oscar Bolton Green graduated from Camberwell College of the Arts and now lives and works as an illustrator in London. He currently has two books available: Bird Beak Book (Edizioni Corraini, 2010) and Football Stadiums (in collaboration with Rolling Sea, 2011).

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