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And the Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping

Tomoko Kakita


With 30 instructional videos
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Perfect the gift of giving—the only modern, practical guide to the ancient art of Japanese gift wrapping. Make giving simple gifts extra special (and help save the planet) with 30 exquisite yet easy styles. Wrap every Birthday or Christmas present, including bottles of wine, bouquets of flowers, and gift cards with no cutting, sticking, or waste – furoshiki is completely reusable. As well as gifts, you can also use your furoshiki to wrap and carry all sorts of items. Say goodbye to wrapping paper and plastic shopping bags for good.

Tomoko Kakita is a Japanese furoshiki and tsutsumi expert based in London, UK. She designs and sells her beautiful, nature-inspired furoshiki at maspacedesign.com

Instructional videos:

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