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Icons of Women’s Style

Josh Sims


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Behind nearly every garment in the feminine wardrobe there is a first of its kind that has spawned countless others. While the definitive example – often created by a single designer – has achieved iconic status, its various reinterpretations, season after season, have become fashion staples.

Take Coco Chanel’s short, simple black dress first published in American Vogue in 1926, for instance. Vogue predicted that the LBD would become ‘a sort of uniform for all women of taste’ and, indeed, it proved to be one of Chanel’s greatest contributions to fashion.

Icons of Women’s Style examines, item by item, the most influential and legendary garments and accessories – their provenance and history, the stories of their design, the celebrities who made them famous, and the various ways they have shaped how women dress today.

Josh Sims is a London-based writer and editor who contributes to the Financial Times, The Times, Wallpaper, and The Rake, among other publications. A specialist in matters of style, he is the author of several books including Icons of Men’s Style and Vintage Menswear (both published by Laurence King).