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Imagine Me

Visualising your Identity

Lisa den Teuling


Imagine Me is a game that enables players to talk about the complicated and intimate subject of identity in a playful and accessible manner. This is done by using visualizations, instead of words and questions, to start an (open) conversation. The various cards are displayed in order to create a moodboard representing your identity.

The game can be played in various environments to uncover different social structures, for example, in a professional environment, at school or during a fun evening with friends and family. It can also be a helpful tool in the process of self-development as it can also be played alone.

The core of Imagine Me is designed around visualizations, provoking an open interpretation that will spark deep and meaningful conversations.

Lisa den Teuling is a visual concept developer. After completing an education in fashion she studied International Lifestyle, resulting in a bachelor of Arts. As part of this bachelor she attended an Art School in Vilnius (Lithuania) during a period of six months. Inspired by her passion for illustrating and her experiences in Vilnius, she started her own company called Studio Lisa. As a self-taught artist, den Teuling mastered a variety of different styles and techniques throughout the years. This results in not only making her personal artwork versatile and innovative but it also enables her to work successfully for clients.