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Planning Office Spaces

A Practice Guide for Designers

Juruaan van Meel, Yuri Mertens and Hermen Jan van Ree


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When planning a new office, designers and their clients are faced with many challenges and questions. They have to think about practical issues such as spatial needs, proximity relations, IT infrastructure and furniture, but also more strategic issues such as occupancy costs, effectiveness of the working environment and environmental impact.

One of the most fundamental questions during the briefing stage concerns the office concept: what kind of office design best suits the working processes and culture of the organization? Should all employees have their own workstation or are they going to share desks? Would enclosed offices or a more open working environment be better? How many and what kind of meeting spaces do we need?

Planning Office Spaces is a clear, accessible book written to help solve these problems. It is ideally suited for both office designers and their clients.

Juriaan van Meel is a senior consultant at ICOP and senior researcher at the Centre for Facilities Management – Realdania Research in Copenhagen.

Yuri Martens is a researcher and a practitioner on workplace strategy.

Hermen Jan van Ree is a senior consultant on strategy, operations and marketing – specializing in performance management. He is an active member of the BIFM and a principal expert to the European Committee for Standardization.

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