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Textile Design

Simon Clarke


Textile design has a very exciting future. New fibers, fabrics, and applications are constantly appearing, and designers now have a wealth of avenues to explore. This book offers students a basic grounding in the three main pathways of textile design – printed, woven, and mixed media textile design.

Using a wealth of imagery and case studies from designers and studios at work today, the book looks at the basic principles of design and production, and the stages of creating a textile collection, giving students all the tools they need to develop their own work. Finally, the role of the textile designer is explored in a selection of market sectors giving students an insight into the industry and possible career paths they may wish to follow.

Designed for students both at degree and foundation level, the book will also appeal to those wishing to enter a career in textile design.

Dr Simon Clarke is a practising textile designer and artist who has exhibited his work internationally. He is a Senior Lecturer in Printed Textile Design at University College Falmouth. He has lectured overseas at such institutes as Kenyatta University in Kenya and Savannah College of Art and Design in the USA.

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