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The Craft and Art of Clay: A Complete Potter’s Handbook, 5th edition

Jan Peterson and Susan Peterson


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Widely considered to be the most comprehensive introduction to ceramics available, this book contains numerous step-by-step illustrations of all ceramic techniques gathered from an impressive collection of international potters. 

For the fifth edition a new section on shino glazes has been added, as has revised information on new computer programmes. The portfolio section is vastly updated with the inclusion of over 50 more key contemporary ceramists from around the world. There are 125 new images and a poster showing blends of glaze materials will accompany the book. Other invaluable features include safety icons to warn beginners of potential hazards, a concise history of ceramics and its traditions from prehistory to the present day. 

For the more experienced ceramist, there is a wealth of technical detail on glaze formulas and temperature conversions, making the book an ideal reference. To quote one pleased user: ‘I am a studio potter and would not be without it.’

Susan Peterson was Professor Emerita of Ceramics at Hunter College and a practising ceramist whose work has been exhibited throughout the world.  She wrote numerous books on ceramics including The Craft and Art of Clay, Contemporary Ceramics and Jun Kaneko. 

Jan Peterson is a high school and college ceramic teacher, ceramic artist and jeweller.