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The Day of the Dead

A Visual Compendium

Chloe Sayer


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This anthology considers how the Day of the Dead has been celebrated in visual art and culture, from the traditional and iconic illustrations of Manuel Manilla and José Posada to the paper cuts of Aaron Velasco Pacheco, folk art of the Linares family, and paintings of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

With a foreword by the ceramic artist and curator Carlomagno Pedro Martinez, this compendium also includes poems, songs, and literature celebrating the festival and dedicated chapters that focus on contemporary representations, such as urban art graffiti and the street photography of Yolande Andrade.

Chloë Sayer is an independent scholar and curator, specializing in Mexican art and culture. Based in London, she is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain. She lectures extensively, leads cultural tours to Mexico, and has made ethnographic collections in Mexico and Belize for the British Museum.