Jason Draper


James Bond Bingo

Laurence King Publishing


Atlas of Dark Destinations

Peter Hohenhaus


David Hockney

James Cahill


Gus Van Sant

Katya Tylevich


From the Sculptor’s Studio

Ina Cole


The World of Dracula

Roger Luckhurst, Adam Simpson


How To Make Your Dog #Famous

Loni Edwards


Myth Match Miniature

Good Wives and Warriors


299 Dogs (and a cat)

Léa Maupetit


The Cosmic Book of Space, Aliens and Beyond

Jason Ford


Body Language Decoder

Illustrated by Magma Publishing Ltd, Martin Brooks and others


Endangered Animals Bingo

Magma Publishing Ltd, Marcel George and others


The Pocket Photographer

Mike Kus


Erotic Tarot

Illustrated by Sofie Birkin, Text by the Fickle Finger of Fate