Art by Tattooists

Jo Waterhouse


Footwear Design

Aki Choklat



Terry Farrell


Reading Architecture: A Visual Lexicon

Owen Hopkins


Photo Journal

Christine Berrie



Drusilla Cole


Numbers in Graphic Design

Roger Fawcett-Tang


Why Shrink-Wrap a Cucumber?

Stephen Aldridge and Laurel Miller


Towards Zero-energy Architecture (paperback)

Mary Guzowski


Naughty Little People Postcards


Print & Pattern 2

Bowie Style


Fashion Face-Off

Maia Adams and Erin Petson


Bicycle Travel Journal

Nigel Peake


Let’s Make Some Great Art

Marion Deuchars


Art in Renaissance Italy, Fourth Edition

John T. Paoletti and Gary M. Radke


Saul Bass

Jennifer Bass and Pat Kirkham