Detail in Contemporary Landscape Architecture (paperback)

Virginia McLeod


Match a Pair of Shoes Memory Game

Metropolitan Museum of Art


100 New Fashion Designers

Hywel Davies


Fashion & Sustainability: Design For Change

Kate Fletcher and Lynda Grose


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Oscar Bolton Green


This Means This, This Means That: A User’s Guide to Semiotics, second edition

Sean Hall


Sustainability in Interior Design


The Craft and Art of Clay: A Complete Potter’s Handbook, 5th edition

Jan Peterson and Susan Peterson


Stickerbomb Monsters



Art by Tattooists

Jo Waterhouse


Footwear Design

Aki Choklat



Terry Farrell


Reading Architecture: A Visual Lexicon

Owen Hopkins


Photo Journal

Christine Berrie



Drusilla Cole


Numbers in Graphic Design

Roger Fawcett-Tang