Furniture for Interior Design

Sam Booth and Drew Plunkett


Smart Textiles for Designers

Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman


Don’t Get a Job…Make a Job

Gem Barton


Structural Packaging

Paul Jackson


Air Structures

William McLean and Pete Silver


Cut and Fold Techniques for Pop-Up Designs

Paul Jackson



Joseph Choma


The Sustainable Design Book

Rebecca Proctor


Research Methods for Architecture

Raymond Lucas


Vintage Menswear

Douglas Gunn, Roy Luckett and Josh Sims


How to Use Type

Lindsey Marshall and Lester Meachem


London Sketchbook

Jason Brooks


Architecture from Commission to Construction

Jennifer Hudson


Drawing for Product Designers

Kevin Henry


Prototyping and Modelmaking for Product Design

Bjarki Hallgrimsson


How to Set up & Run a Fashion Label, Second Edition

Toby Meadows