Big Kids (aged 7-11)

We are delighted to share our 2020 holiday gift offerings from Laurence King, a London-based publisher of creative books and gifts for children and adults. With affordable, high quality products spanning topics like pop culture, art, nature, mindfulness, food & drink, animals, and more, we have a little something for everyone on your list.

Product shots and lifestyle images are available to download by category. If you need any additional artwork or would like to request a sample copy, please write to us at

Download Big Kids gift images here

The Mermaid Atlas – A stunning illustrated compendium of mermaid legends from across the globe. (June; £14.99) 

Mythopedia – An encyclopedia of mythical legends from the authors of Myth Match. Also publishing in Sept. is a companion colouring book Myth World. (Sep; £16.99)

Wonder Woman Bingo – Fill your game card with inspiring women from Greta Thunberg to Serena Williams. (Aug; £16.99) 

Skulk – Help the Boy chase his shadow, Skulk, through this illustrated maze book. (Sep; £12.99) 

Who’s Hiding in the Jungle – Can you spot the animals hiding in this boxed card deck? (Oct; £14.99) 

Green Nation Revolution – Learn what role young people can play to solve the world’s emergent climate crisis. (Oct; £9.99) 

Be a Super Awesome Artist  20 easy art challenges to try at home inspired by the masters(Oct; £9.99) 

Pierre the Maze Detective  Follow the mazes to help Detective Pierre solve the Curious Case of the Castle in the Sky. (Oct; £14.99)

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