10 Ways to Get TikTok Famous Fast

10 Ways to Get TikTok Famous Fast

10 Ways to Get TikTok Famous Fast - and lots more....

We speak to the author of Get TikTok Famous Fast, and here are his 'Top 10 Tips' to get TikTok Famous Fast. Thanks Will! 

In my new book Get TikTok Famous Fast, I’ve interviewed 50 creators and industry insiders to learn the secrets to their success, asking them what tips they’d give someone who wants to get started on TikTok and how they can go about growing a big audience fast. TikTok is not just Gen Z teens doing dances. Everyday new creators are coming to the platform and finding ways to create new, fresh, compelling video content in a minute or less on the full spectrum of topics - from cooking to cosplay, from makeup to making up characters, and a lot more in between. There’s every type of content available. In fact, about 50% of the people I interviewed had only been on TikTok for about 4 months - and already had audiences of 1m+. There’s still a first-to-market opportunity as a creator on TikTok, and the whole platform, along with all categories of content, are growing fast. It’s very much an active gold rush, so now is the time to jump in.

To help you on your path to success, fame, wealth and creative fulfilment, here are ten of my favourite tips selected from the book to give you a flavour of how to grow your followers fast.

  1. Get to the point - it’s a myth that our attention spans are reduced (hey, we can all still binge hours of shows online) but it is the case that you’ve got to get to the point quickly so someone will stop scrolling and watch. If you don’t hook them in the first couple of seconds, they’ve gone. Cordelia Richards aka @lord.cord (page 38) has tips on how to snag attention and keep it.
  2. Embrace experimentation - Jack Innanen (@yungjackinnanen, page 14) started by posting 2 to 4 videos on Tiktok every day to see what worked. He’d experiment with different kinds of stories and comedy skits, refining his approach when he got results. Jack notes that you’ll make some weird videos, the point is to really embrace the experimentation and give yourself permission to try just about anything to see what sticks.
  3. Find your niche - When Scott Hubbard (@scottyhubs, page 78) made a video wrapping his dog, Gracie, up in festive wrapping paper, which quickly snagged some 60million views, he knew he was on to something. If you’ve been experimenting, the videos that perform best help reveal the niche you can develop for yourself. It might be making comedy content with your pet. Don’t be upset when they become a bigger star than you.
  4. Make it repeatable - Don’t spend weeks perfecting your script, shoot and edit if you can’t repeat that same level of effort for every video. (You should be posting a video at least every other day.) You’ve got to ensure it’s a repeatable, sustainable effort. Dr Cody Hanish (@drcody_dc) is a chiropractor who has perfected his repeatable format - he makes videos showing clients getting adjusted. The crack crack crack sound is very satisfying!
  5. Make it bingeable - one of the first people I personally followed on TikTok is Raquel Olsson (@raquelolsson, page 60) because she makes the most compelling, and very bingeable, content. Raquel’s TikToks break down interesting human psychology tips and tricks, like how to build a rapport, or know when someone is lying, and she labels her videos with a number e.g. “Psychology Hack #27” - that way you know it’s part of a series, so you’re encouraged to click her profile and go watch more. You want people to watch more of your content, to re-watch it, to like and to follow… binge-worthy content is one of the strongest ways to deliver those.
  6. It’s all about the re-watch - TikTok is an algorithmic based site and it’s looking to serve up the most watchable content possible. If people watch your video more than once, that bodes well for your video being served up to other folk. It’s all engagement - and engagement boosts your video’s discoverability. Dawson M (@dawsonmofficial, page 56) looks to encourage re-watches of his videos by ensuring lots of things are going on, for example, he’ll have someone doing something interesting in the background of his TikToks, so you’ll watch once for him, and once for the person in the background.
  7. Advanced re-watch techniques - Victoria Jameson (whose profile name is the incredible @victoria) lists out a variety of advanced re-watch techniques on page 72, designed to encourage the re-watch even more. She worked as a copywriter previously and used tricks from her writing experience to encourage more watches. Advanced re-watch techniques work to boost engagement…. but you’ll need to buy the book to learn the secrets :) 
  8. Have a plan - Laurie Shannon (@theicingartist, page 84) lays out the steps to create a methodical and thoughtful planned approach to creating content. Her advice is that with a plan in hand you’ll feel a lot less frantic and stressed. A plan will help you feel organised and in control.
  9. The trolls need the most love - the talented artist Callen Schaub (@callenschaub, page 50) doesn’t let negative comments get to him. Indeed, he takes a much more philosophical approach, recognising that people who are negative benefit from love, not hate, as the response. Consider how you can see past negativity in comments to see if there’s useful feedback, and 
  10. Just enjoy it - Being a creator is a full time job and can be tough work, so perhaps the best advice comes from Tucker (@tuckerthorn) and Kyle Thorn (@user505429517019) on page 110, who encourage you to “Just enjoy it.” Don’t lose sight of what you wanted out of any efforts to create content and build your audience. Yes, you can get famous fast, but aim to have a good time whilst you’re doing it.

There’s nothing but runway in front of you, so my final piece of advice would be to snag a copy of Get TikTok Famous Fast, and immediately start creating content. Good luck! You’re gonna be HUGE!

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