A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

We’ve all learned to adjust our habits in recent weeks and have hopefully discovered a silver lining in this modified way of living. Whether positive things have come to you in the form of more books read, more relationships nurtured or more hobbies explored, we’d love to hear about them!

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Ways of Tuning Your Senses Shuku Nishi

With a few weeks still to go before things return to normal, we invite you to take your newly minted hobbies to the next level and take stock of what natural wonders the world has to offer! 

See the world through new eyes this Easter with the help of these Laurence King books and gifts. Want to make your kid's Easter? Read the children's version of this blog.


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In the new paperback edition of the book The Sunday Times described as 'beautiful to behold and read', bestselling author and environmentalist Jonathan Drori tells the stories of 80 magnificent trees from all over the globe.

Let Drori guide you through the resilient trees that offer us sanctuary and inspiration.

In a book that Buzzfeed described as 'the coolest thing you didn’t know you needed to see', you'll discover the offbeat wonders of hikaru dorodango, an earthy Japanese art form. Get straight to work creating your own dorodangos by scouting mud of the right consistency in your backyard.

Ways of Tuning Your Senses Laurence KingWhat better time to reconnect with your senses and appreciate the simple things in life? Discover just how much of the world’s beauty have we become indifferent to, while caught up in the bustle of day-to-day life with this illustrated card deck.


How to Raise a Loaf and fall in love with sourdoughFill your house with the aroma of freshly baked sourdough and you won't want to leave the house. This book makes the key techniques of traditional baking easy for a novice to understand, with a simple overview of the magical processes that turn wild yeasts into a living baker’s starter, and a bowl of flour into a glowing crusty loaf. 


Get a fresh start this Easter!

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