A Self-Quarantine Care Package

A Self-Quarantine Care Package

If you’re stuck at home for the foreseeable future, why not bring some creativity and laughter into your house?

Our feeds are filled with well-wishers urging us to make the most of this period of isolation by catching up on reading or learning a new skill. While this is a wonderful way to put a positive spin on the situation, what to do if you're just not up to it?

Whether you’re bouncing off the walls and need to channel your energy into a competitive board game, or want to transport yourself to your happy place with an absorbing craft, forget the self-growth for a minute and have some fun!

Put an end to repetitive screen-gazing with our home activity suggestions below. We promise you’ll feel all the better for it. 

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The possibilities are endless with the hundreds of collage-able elements and inspiration in this book.

Try making a mood or inspiration board or some unique art for your wall. There's no need to endlessly flip through magazines. There's over 1500 beautiful objects in here!

The Dream of SurrealismIn these surreal times, what better world to immerse yourself in than that of the Surrealist movement? This jigsaw puzzle features the abandoned streets of a Giorgio de Chirico city, Salvador Dalí’s moustache and René Magritte’s bowler hat. In this world a pipe is not a pipe, Freud dances with a skeleton and lobsters answer the phone. Anything could happen eh?

Embrace your stir-crazy silliness! Make your way through this list and you’ll feel the life of the housebound party. 

These daredevil tricks require props you're likely to have at home. From sabering a bottle of champagne to hammering a needle through a coin, each of these feats is guaranteed to wow your guests cat.

Access the excitement of the high-stakes art world from the safety of your living room! One to bring your competitive side out.

In this board game, you travel the world as an art collector scouring the auction houses, visiting art fairs, and making private deals in search of elusive artworks to complete your collection.

Whether they’re quarantined inside with you or on FaceTime, use the faces of your nearest and dearest to hone your portraiture skills.

From traditional life drawing to unconventional character studies, there are plenty of simply-explained approaches to try. Who knows, maybe you've got some hidden talent!

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