A Self-Quarantine Care Package for Your Kids

A Self-Quarantine Care Package for Your Kids

Are you desperate for the elusive respite of a quiet and engaged child? Or have you simply run out of ideas for things to do?

If your children are bouncing off the walls, channel their abundant energy into creativity, zany games or a stimulating read.

Put an end to tantrums and stir-craziness with our screen-free home activity suggestions below. It's a solution, if only for a few extra hours of peace!

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Who Did This Poo?


Laughter (and learning) is guaranteed with this silly game that tests your memory and poo knowledge!

Give your kids a new topic to discuss when they return to the schoolyard.


Dedicate an afternoon and the kitchen table to bringing out the little artists in them. Packed full of creative activities that will keep them engaged for hours at a time and teach them about 18 of the greatest artists that ever lived.

Super Book for Superheroes


Develop your children’s superhero abilities with 20 engaging activities, ranging from designing their superhero symbol to building nifty superhero gadgets.


Hoakes Island


This exciting activity book asks you to solve the puzzles and discover keys and clues as you travel around the island on a quest to rescue your animal friends, all with the help of a handy 3D- vision magnifying glass.

Maya Angelou, Little Guides to Great Lives

Teach your children about our great mother of memoir in one of the latest books in this series about important figures in history. In these times of uncertainty, we should all learn to be strong like Maya.

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