Natalie Fee on How to Be Sustainable This Christmas

Natalie Fee on How to Be Sustainable This Christmas

Whether you’d like to avoid pointless plastic packaging or hoping your family and friends won’t buy you gifts you don’t want or need, navigating Christmas in an eco-friendly way can test even the most committed eco-warrior. But ‘tis the season to be jolly, so here are a few ways we can go green without going full Grinch.


Powering change with presents
Firstly, when thinking about presents, check whether you can regift, recycle or refill anything. If you’ve been collecting giant jars (we eat a lot of organic nut butter in my household) and you’ve noticed that your local zero-waste shop sells loose bath salts, then you’ve got yourself a great plastic-free present right there.


If you don’t have the time or energy to make or bake presents, you can use gifts as a way to subtly influence and inspire your loved ones. Buying good quality, long-lasting items that will help them change their lifestyle, like reusable bottles and coffee cups or plastic-free bathroom sets can shift behaviours, for good.


Rather not buy them more stuff? How about giving green experiences instead of things. A Eurostar voucher can inspire a flight-free continental city break with all the fun and a fraction of the carbon emissions. A vegan or vegetarian cookery course can do wonders for reducing the amount of meat we eat.

Inspired to discover more ways to go green this Christmas? Natalie’s book, How to Save the World for Free is a fun and accessible guide to living more sustainably without breaking the bank. Connect with Natalie on Instagram.

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