Nature Lovers

Nature Lovers

We are delighted to share our 2020 holiday gift offerings from Laurence King, a London-based publisher of creative books and gifts for children and adults. With affordable, high quality products spanning topics like pop culture, art, nature, mindfulness, food & drink, animals, and more, we have a little something for everyone on your list.

Product shots and lifestyle images are available to download by category. If you need any additional artwork or would like to request a sample copy, please write to us at

Nature Lovers

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Download Nature Lovers images here.

Around the World in 80 Trees - Author, “Jonathan Drori’s deep-seated love of nature is contagious in this tree-by-tree journey across countries and continents. A book to take your time over” – WIRED  (Now available; £12.99) 

100 Things to do in a Forest This book explores 100 ways to replace screens and bring families together. Connect with nature and discover the benefits of forest fun. (Aug; £17.99)  

How to Save The World for Free - Environmental activist Natalie Fee’s handbook to green living will help you to make small lifestyle changes which will make a big difference to our planet. (Now available; £12.99) 

Tree Vision - Is the ultimate flashcard set to help you learn to identify tree species, their leaves, seeds, flowers and so much more! (Sep; £14.99) 

Plantfulness - These cards will guide you through 50 houseplants guiding you to what your plant can do and what you should do to keep your plants alive and happy(Oct; £14.99) 

The Story of Trees - This illustrated coffee table book full of fascinating botanical facts and figures, takes readers on a visual journey from some of the earliest known tree species. (Now available; £25) 

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