New Books and Gifts: August

New Books and Gifts: August

A sunny August is just made for having fun, escaping the classroom and exploring the world together. Our beautiful, fun and engaging new books this month will entertain, inform and might just inspire some summer holiday competitive silliness too…


Find My Rocket

This little boy’s super speedy rocket is on the loose and he needs your help to catch it! It’s zooming through the playroom, messing up the toolbox, ruining the racetrack and toppling all the teddies – can you reach it before it causes more chaos?

Lose yourself in a beautiful immersive world, with 11 simple mazes to solve for the very youngest puzzlers, Aleksandra Artymowska’s stunning follow-up to Amazed is perfect for anyone with an adventurous spirit.


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Dinosaur Bingo

Play bingo with a huge Giganotosaurus, an armour-plated Stegosaurus and many other fearsome dinosaurs in this fun and engaging take on the classic game illustrated by the talented Caroline Selmes.

Dinosaur Bingo contains 48 chips and a cardboard dino head to store them in, a game board, eight double-sided bingo cards and Jurassic counters for you to mark up your card – it’s the perfect portable game for all dino-mad families this summer.

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Stickyscapes at the Museum

Take a sticky (virtual!) trip to the museum! Beautifully illustrated by Laura JungerStickyscapes at the Museum includes an 8-page booklet, brimming with over 100 stickers; and a huge, double-sided fold-out panoramic scene for you to decorate.

Discover the museum during the daytime, with enormous dinosaur skeletons, priceless vases and bored security guards, and then turn over to find the museum at night – when everything comes to life. Dinosaurs roam, knights in armour ride free, and paintings jump right out of their frames.

It’s a brilliant introduction to the world of a museum with so much to explore from home – and it could be a great pre-real-world-visit primer too.

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Midnight Monsters

Switch off the lights, turn on your torch and come on a wonderful shadow adventure with Helen Friel's latest creation Midnight Monsters!

This follow-up book to the immensely popular Midnight Creatures takes you on a journey through five more beautifully crafted pop-up scenes full of hidden monsters to find, from the werewolf in the woods to the krampus in the castle. Use your torch to spot the monsters when they appear as shadows on your wall.

Perfect for campfire tales, and getting ready for the spooky season… let your imagination run wild!

Why not take a peek at the book in action here?


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Happy Reading from everyone at LKP!

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