Sustainability in Fashion with Peggy Blum

Sustainability in Fashion with Peggy Blum

LKP author Peggy Blum was joined by Filippa K's Jodi Everding to celebrate the publication of her book Circular Fashion.

Peggy Blum is Assistant Professor of Practice, Sustainability, Textiles and Apparel at the University of Texas, Austin. She has taught Fashion Management and Merchandising in various institutions and participated in a number of sustainability projects and conferences. Previously, she worked as a fashion trend forecaster.


With over eighteen years of fabric research and development experience within large US and global retail brands, Jodi Everding brought her expertise to Filippa K in 2016. Inspired by the brand’s commitment to driving a movement of mindful consumption, she works with all aspects of sustainability. She takes a holistic view of the product lifecycle, aiming to increase sustainability and implement circularity within every stage. This means collaborating internally to increase Filippa K’s use of more sustainable fibres annually, working toward full traceability within the supply chain, and initiating new ideas that lead to innovative developments.

Originally from the US, Jodi moved to Stockholm nine years ago and now calls the city home. In her spare time she enjoys making ceramics and jewelry, cooking, and hunting for vintage clothing.

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