We have a winner!

We have a winner!

Last month we held a competition with The Week Junior where we asked who you'd like to see featured in one of our Little Guides to Great Lives. We received so many amazing entries… Read on to find out who author Isabel Thomas has chosen as the winner.


Laurence King and The Week Junior asked you to try out my job and write a little guide to a GREAT person. I loved reading through your entries and finding out about all the different people who have inspired you, from famous names like Emma Watson and Coco Chanel, to mothers who move mountains, brothers who spend hours helping others, and best friends who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

The range of nominees reflects the message of the Little Guides to Great Lives series. You don’t have to be super brainy, super talented or superhuman to change the world. Just look around and you’ll find ordinary people doing amazing things every single day.

The winning entry is fantastic because it shows that seemingly small actions can make a BIG difference to someone’s life.

Congratulations to Agnes, aged 10, from York, for your fantastic story about your cub scout leader Julie Redpath. Read Agnes' winning entry here:


“My inspirational person is someone you won`t have heard of, but she still made a big impact on my life. This is my cub scout leader Julie Redpath. I wanted to join a club and a lot of my friends were going to join the cubs, so I decided to go. Unfortunately, they all went to join the Monday group and I had to go on Wednesday. The first times I went I didn’t know anyone at all and no one went to my school. Luckily Julie, the leader of the pack was there to help, she introduced everyone to me and made sure I was ok. I considered leaving but she encouraged me to stay on. I eventually became a sixer and am about to join scouts now, and I’ve made new friends I never knew before. I have more confidence in myself and am willing to give anything a try! All thanks to my first cub leader.”

By Agnes, age 10, York


Copies of the Little Guides to Great Lives will be winging their way over to Agnes' classmates soon. Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the competition!

Look out for the next Little Guide, which tells the story of Charles Darwin and is published on 1st October 2018. And why not head over to our Children's blog for lots of interesting stuff to discover and download…

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