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Endangered Animals Bingo

Learn About 64 Threatened Species That Need Our Help

Magma Publishing Ltd, Marcel George and others


This family friendly game is packed with astonishing and beautiful creatures from all over the world. What unites them all? They are under threat. But there’s still time! Learn about the okapi, the whale shark and the southern sea otter and be inspired to take action.

This bingo game is filled with fun facts and glorious illustrations that are guaranteed to delight kids and adults alike. Mark each species off on your card as itÕs called and be the first to shout BINGO! A proportion of proceeds are donated to charities dedicated to saving these animals and their habitats.

Marcel George is a London-based illustrator who specializes in creating hand-painted contemporary watercolour illustrations. Lizzie Williams is a celebrated travel writer, guidebook author and ex-safari tour leader. She is passionate about wildlife and conservation, especially endangered species in Africa.

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