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Fashion Design

A Guide to the Industry and the Creative Process

Denis Antoine


Fashion Design: A Guide to the Industry and the Creative Process is an inspirational book for budding fashion designers.

Fashion designers at all levels of the industry face the challenging task of blending business and art to create both commercially viable and creatively exciting products each season. In this book, Denis Antoine introduces a wide variety of creative methodologies of design ideation, development, and presentation, supported by inspirational visual content—fashion photography and illustration, sketchbook artwork, technical drawings, and infographics—and informative case studies. Aimed at fashion students across the world, the book follows the design process from historical and commercial context to final collection presentation.

Fashion Design gives a unique overview of the exciting and ever-changing fashion industry and aims to shed light on this exciting, creative role for all those interested in joining the fashion industry.

Contents include:
• The history and business of fashion
• Brands, consumers. and trends
• Inspiration and research
• Creative Textile development
• Design development
• Presenting a collection
• Portfolios and resumes

Featured Designers:
Alexander McQueen, Coco Chanel, Issey Miyake, Eudon Choi, Christopher Raeburn, Holly Fulto, Elaina Betts, Cucculelli Shaheen


From the Introduction of Fashion Design

Fashion design is often a misunderstood discipline. The public perception of this field commonly focuses on extolling the instinctive creative abilities of genius designers, and intentionally minimizes the discussion of the diligent process that takes place behind the scenes. This book was developed specifically to guide the reader through this exciting, yet relatively obscure, subject.

Fashion designers at all levels of the industry face the challenging task of blending business and art toward the creation of relevant, commercially viable, and creatively exciting products every season. Additionally, all participants in the fashion industry, be they visual merchandisers, photographers, stylists, pattern-makers or buyers, benefit greatly from complete understanding of the creative process employed by designers. Fashion brands, after all, differentiate themselves primarily by how and why they create product, and by the artistic vision they offer, not simply by the items produced. To fully comprehend how fashion products are generated demands a thorough awareness of a multitude of sectors, which are best grouped in three main categories: context, concept, and presentation.

Denis Antoine is Professor of Fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design and co-author of Classic Tailoring Techniques for Menswear 2e, the authority on classic tailoring. He studied at London College of Fashion (BA Hons) and the Royal College of Art (MA RCA).

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Fashion Design – Table of Contents

Presentation slides

Fashion Design Presentation Chapter 1

Fashion Design Presentation Chapter 2

Fashion Design Presentation Chapter 3

Fashion Design Presentation Chapter 4

Fashion Design Presentation Chapter 5

Fashion Design Presentation Chapter 6

Fashion Design Presentation Chapter 7



Fashion Design Activity Chapter 1

Fashion Design Activity Chapter 2

Fashion Design Activity Chapter 3

Fashion Design Activity Chapter 4

Fashion Design Activity Chapter 5

Fashion Design Activity Chapter 6

Fashion Design Activity Chapter 7

Fashion Design Activity Gauge Graph Heavy Knit

Fashion Design Activity Gauge Graph Thinner Knit

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