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Promoting Fashion

Barbara Graham and Caline Anouti


The marketing and promotion of fashion is entering a fast-moving and challenging phase. This book shows how to appeal to the consumer and communicate the brand message. Advertising campaigns, both offline and online, are discussed, together with the existing and new methods of PR and promotion. Individual chapters then look at social media, e-commerce and online fashion retail, personal selling and offline fashion retail, direct marketing, fashion shows and sales promotions, plus costing a campaign. These are supported by case studies and interviews with leading professionals.

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Barbara Graham is a lecturer specializing in fashion branding and communications and business enterprise. She has taught at London Metropolitan University, Liverpool John Moores and the University of the Creative Arts.

Caline Anouti is course leader and senior lecturer at the University of Westminster and senior lecturer at Istituto Marangoni, specialising in consumer trends, branding, marketing and promotion.

Promoting Fashion – Table of Contents

Promoting Fashion Activities

1: Consumers and Consumer Trend-forecasting

2: Branding for Fashion Marketing Communications

3: Integrated Marketing Communications

4: Advertising for Fashion

5: PR Endorsement and Sponsorship

6: Social Media

7: The Digital Arena: E-commerce and Online Fashion Promotion

8: Personal Selling and Offline Fashion Retail

9: Direct Marketing

10: Catwalk Fashion Shows and Trade Fairs

11: Sales Promotion and Packaging

12: Planning Costing and Measuring-Effects

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