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The Mischief-Maker’s Handbook

Mike Barfield, illustrations by Jan Buchczik


Learn how to make mischief with this hilarious, fully illustrated The Mischief Maker’s Handbook. Clear step-by-step activities and annotated diagrams will transform you into the mischief-maker that you’ve always wanted to be. From turning your body into an orchestra, to making invisible ink and rubber band catapults, it’s all covered in this comprehensive guide. You’re only young once – and this book helps every child to be the biggest kid possible! 

Mike Barfield is a comic writer, cartoonist, poet and performer. He performs in schools, libraries, bookshops and festivals all over the UK, often dressed as a giant housefly. 

Jan Buchczik is an illustrator based in Frankfurt, Germany. His clients include The New York Times, The Guardian and Vanity Fair.

Mischief Maker Handbook Invisible Ink

Mischief Maker Handbook Temporary Tattoos

Mischief Maker Handbook Whoopee Cushions

Mischief Maker Handbook Tricks

Mischief Maker Handbook Challenges

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