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The TikTok Challenge

Will Eagle illustrated by Aga Giecko

£12.99 (inc UK VAT)

Want to determine who creates the best videos among your friends? Then take on the TikTok challenge!

A set of 100 cards with over 200 crazy challenges for you to film and upload, from lip syncs, dances and dares to ridiculous pranks. Use the cards for solo TikTok inspiration or assemble your friends and family and play them competitively to determine the best TikToker. Grab your phone, draw a card, and get posting!

Will Eagle is a TikTok-obsessed digital marketing creative based in Los Angeles.

Aga Giecko is a Polish illustrator and graphic designer based in London. Whimsical characters with cheeky smiles and wonky lines is her signature style.

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