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The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook

Martin Raymond


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The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook is a sharp, highly visual textbook and teaching aid for students and tutors keen to know more about the world of trends, trend forecasting and consumer-insight techniques.

This ‘how to’ book provides the skills to understand and track trends and use them to inform their research, design and product development. Highly visual, The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook introduces the world of trend forecasting and consumer insight in a step-by-step way, with quotes from, interviews with and case studies of key players. Each chapter provides practical exercises and examples that allow students to experience the techniques or methodologies explored.

Trends are a fundamental part of our emotional, physical and psychological landscape, and by forecasting trends we can begin to understand what drives and motivates consumers. This in turn can help to make the difference between a design that sells and one that languishes on the shelf.

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“Highly visual and a genuinely eye-opening insight into the way designers can spot and dictate visual and cultural trends, keeping their work constantly at the cutting edge.” – Computers Arts Project


“The book is clear and concise, offers a journey through the unexpected, and engages the reader with clear guidelines. It offers insider knowledge and soundbites from those working in the industry.” – Just4Textiles


“The Trend Forecaster Handbook is a well published and intelligently written book for starting ‘forecasters’ looking for theoretical background and interesting experiences.” – The Pop-Up City


“A great help. Learnt a lot from this book and would definitely recommend for anyone who is or isn’t a student.” – Amazon reader


“Well constructed. This is truly my handbook as it’s the first one among books under this topic I pick up when I need to refresh what I have learned” – Goodreads reader


“A classic. the most enlightening manual ever written about trend forecasting.” – Goodreads reader

Martin Raymond is a co-founder of The Future Laboratory. He regularly lectures at universities and commentates on trends and business for the BBC. He is a contributing editor for Wired UK, and a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts. Martin has written several books including The Tomorrow People: Future Consumers and How to Read Them.

The Trend Forecasters Handbook – Table of Contents

Test Bank 1-7

Trend Forecaster Test bank 1
Trend Forecaster Test bank 2
Trend Forecaster Test bank 3
Trend Forecaster Test bank 4
Trend Forecaster Test bank 5
Trend Forecaster Test bank 6
Trend Forecaster Test bank 7


Answer Keys 1-7

Trend Forecaster Answer Key 1
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 2
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 3
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 4
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 5
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 6
Trend Forecaster Answer Key 7



Trend Forecaster Boundary Crossing tip
Trend Forecaster Depth Interviewing tip
Trend Forecaster Diversity tip
Trend Forecaster Empathy tip
Trend Forecaster Expert Panel tip
Trend Forecaster Photographic Case Studies tip
Trend Forecaster Question Framing tip
Trend Forecaster Role Playing tip

Trend Forecaster Running a Workshop tip
Trend Forecaster Using Observation tip



Trend Forecaster Web Resources

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