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Wild About Weeds

Garden Design with Rebel Plants

Jack Wallington


 Gardening Book of the Year 2019 – The Times
Best Gardening Reads of 2019 – Daily Mail
Best Gardening Books of the Year – Gardens Illustrated
Top Garden Books of 2019 – The English Garden

Wild about Weeds is the must-have guide for modern gardeners that explains how to tame and nurture the most challenging of plants.

Not all weeds are ugly uncontrollable brutes. Yes, they can be difficult and intimidating, but by learning how to grow weeds in unexpected ways you will become a better gardener with a more interesting garden. 

This book profiles over 50 weeds and shows you surprising ways to grow them, no matter what your garden type: from borders to boxes, sunny to shady, poor soil to rich, tropical to formal, Japanese-style to prairies. With interviews, tips and advice from celebrated gardeners, learn how to let weeds flourish without taking control.

“This well-argued advocacy for rebel plants shows why we should all be growing a few in our gardens.” Gardens Illustrated
“In this excellent guide, garden designer Wallington rehabilitates the lowly weed…Wallington’s humor (“part of me—the rebellious, weed-like part!—likes weeds purely because people tell me not to”) and passion for his subject shine through on every page. This new spin on an old subject will encourage both new and seasoned gardeners to look at what’s already growing in their garden (and what could be) with fresh eyes.” Publishers Weekly
“A lovely, practical gardening book that celebrates the beauty and ecological value of the gorgeous plants that we have been silly enough to overlook. Gardens with native ‘weeds’ are quintessentially English, tangled and tousled, and self-deprecating. Yet they burst with life, for these are plants that have evolved alongside our pollinators such as bees, and other insects that offer themselves to birds. Wild about Weeds sensibly distinguishes between the under-appreciated plants that conjure life into our gardens, and those potentially invasive species that are undesirable for good reason. Jonathan Drori CBE, author of Around the World in 80 Trees

Wild About Weeds ships internationally with free shipping within the UK.

Jack Wallington is an RHS-qualified garden designer and award-winning garden writer based in London. He studies at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and specializes in modern gardens with naturalistic planting. His articles have been published by Telegraph Gardening, RHS The Garden magazine, and others. 

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