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Body Language Decoder

50 Cards To Reveal What They're Really Thinking
Regular price £14.99
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  • Author
    • Martin Brooks


  • Published: Oct 14 2021
  • 380 g
  • 124 x 162mm
  • ISBN: 9781913947200
Regular price £14.99
Regular price Sale price £14.99

Press Reviews

  • "Everyone should have the Body Language Decoder on their desk. It is a must-have for reading body language on the fly." -Vanessa Van Edwards, Bestselling Author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People "I had so much fun with Martin Brooks' Body Language Decoder cards. They are gorgeously illustrated and informative." - Pamela Meyer - Author of Liespotting. "Great gift for somebody who is new to Body Language and wants to get started." - Mark Bowden - Author of Truth and Lies. "I love what Martin has done here. He's flipped the script and not only created something original but something that is incredibly valuable, insightful, and easy to use. It will allow you to recognise those around you and to help you know how to better engage with them." - Paul Furlong Author of Rule the World. "Body Language is a fantastic supplement for effective communication. Body Language Decoder contains many great tips to help you express yourself - and read other people, much better." - Caroline Goyder - Author of Gravitas. "Body Language Decoder is a fantastic product, I love it. Such a beautiful design and so thoughtfully put together." - Simon Lancaster Author of "You are not human, how words kill". "I'm really impressed with the Body Language Decoder - such a wonderful product. The fact that Martin has not only been able to codify the complex area of body language, but then put it into a format that anyone can access and get value from is one hell of a feat. Congratulations!"- Simon Morton - Author of The Presentation Lab.