Regenerative Fashion

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  • Published: Nov 28 2022
  • Pages: 224
  • ISBN: 9781529419924

Press reviews

  • Carole Bamford, founder of Daylesford

    This book is very important. Safia articulates the urgency with which we must act to transform the fashion industry and save our planet with both authority and optimism. Her vision for a holistically regenerative model is truly inspiring and touches on every part of the garment-making process; starting with the soil and good farming practices through to design, production and distribution. I share Safia's vision for a nature-based approach to fashion and have been putting this into practice through my work at Bamford, Daylesford and Nila for over twenty years. Reading this refreshing new perspective serves as an important reminder that we all have a responsibility to make better choices - shunning damaging synthetics and supporting livelihoods through craft while helping to restore all that we have taken from nature. Fashion can - and should - be a force for good, and Safia's key commitments are a viable way for us to achieve this for the sake of future generations.