• The Story is Everything by Andreas Loizou
  • The Story is Everything by Andreas Loizou
  • The Story is Everything by Andreas Loizou
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  • The Story is Everything by Andreas Loizou

The Story is Everything

Mastering Creative Communication for Business
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  • Author
    • Andreas Loizou


  • Published: Apr 14 2022
  • Pages: 192
  • 356 g
  • 200 x 142mm
  • ISBN: 9781913947941
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Press Reviews

  • Peter Cross
    Far too many business books promise the earth yet deliver little more than your own backyard. This book will catch you by surprise, teasing the reader with a promise to improve your presentation and writing skills but ultimately delivering a priceless toolkit that will transform the way you think, operate and influence others in business and beyond. Andreas Loizou pours a lifetime of personal experience and a dollop of mischief into a book which will become essential reading for anyone wanting to make their mark.
  • Richard Skinner

    Writer extraordinaire Andreas Loizou marries the secrets of good storytelling with the ethics of good business practice and, in doing so, makes a difficult thing look very easy. Oh, and it's funny, too. Kerching!
  • Sheryl Garratt

    Sheryl Garratt
    Stories help us make sense of the world. They bind us together. You can use them to change hearts and minds, to sell services or products, to turn people from casual listeners to raving fans. Full of concrete examples from ads, films and tales we all know and recognise, this clear, easy to understand book will show you how to tell your story with style.
  • Vanessa King

    Vanessa King
    The best, most practical and creative book on how to bring our writing, presentations and communication alive to engage our audiences. What I love about this book is it's clarity - helping us see not only what to try but why, without unnecessary padding or fluff. This book practices what it preaches. It is beautifully written, draws us in and gets to the point. It is well designed and easy to navigate. Above all it is inspirational - motivating readers to up our communication game - whether we are novices or experienced and think we know it all!. Highly recommended.
  • Mark Waugh

    Mark Waugh
    'I've worked in advertising and marketing for over 30 years, and I've never read such a well-crafted, continuously engaging book on the art of business storytelling. This is an invaluable guide with practical advice that should be applied immediately.' - Mark Waugh