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User Experience Design

An Introduction to Creating Interactive Digital Spaces
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  • Author
    • Mark Wells

Anticipated publication date

Jul 20, 2023

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The publication date is an estimated date only and is subject to change.

We anticipate that the book will be published on this date. However, should the estimated publication date change for whatever reason, we will notify you within a reasonable period of time.


  • Published: Jul 20 2023
  • Pages: 160
  • 420 g
  • 238 x 170mm
  • ISBN: 9781529420265
Regular price £25.00
Regular price Sale price £25.00

Press Reviews

  • Mark lays all the foundations for a solid understanding of UX with solid practical examples throughout, making for a great introduction to the subject and a fascinating read. It breaks down the essence of UX for students and practitioners alike, not just for websites but all digital applications, providing a pluralistic view of the possibilities within UX. - James Friedlander-Boss, Brand Experience Manager, vvast