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Do You Know Your Dogs?

Dog lovers' quiz cards

Debora Robertson, illustrated by Polly Horner


Love dogs but wish you knew more about them? Brush up on your canine companions using these quiz cards, and you’ll be leading the pack in no time. Which is taller, a Great Dane or an Irish Wolfhound? Where do Border Terriers come from? Fast-paced and easy to play with all the family, be the first to guess the dog breed from its picture, then turn the card over to discover the answer and reveal extra trivia questions. The perfect treat for dog lovers and fans of Dog Bingo.

Polly Horner is an artist living in Rye in East Sussex, UK. She is the illustrator of Dogs: Best in Show, Dog Bingo, and Dog Postcards. Debora Robertson is a writer specializing in domestic matters: from food, homes, and gardens to modern manners, dogs, and decluttering.