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Fabric for Fashion: The Swatch Book, second edition

Clive Hallett and Amanda Johnston


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Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, this title restock has been pushed back to the 14th September. Thank you for your patience.


This easily navigable resource provides 125 swatches of the most recognized and widely used varieties of fabric to encourage consideration of not just their aesthetic appeal but also their structure, feel and weight. Natural fabrics such as cottons, silks, wools and linens are included, as are artificial and synthetic fabrics like nylons, polyesters, microfibers, metallics and soya fabrics, and fabrics made from alternative plant fibers like bamboo and hemp.

With information on fibers, basic construction of fabrics, weights, construction, and weave comparison, the book will help student fashion designers to make informed textile choices based upon an understanding of raw materials together with the processes that make up a fabric. The book will be useful for anyone who works with fabrics and is the ideal companion to Fabric for Fashion: The Complete Guide.



Clive Hallett has worked in the fashion industry since 1972 and has been a design consultant since 1978. He lectures at the London College of Fashion.

Amanda Johnston teaches on several fashion design courses at London College of Fashion. She has worked as a design consultant since 1982.













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