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Feminist Oracles

Blaze a trail with advice from 50 iconic women

Charlotte Jansen, illustrations by Laura Callaghan


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Be guided and motivated by the world’s most inspiring women with this creative set of oracle cards. Need advice on breaking the glass ceiling? Find out what Gloria Steinem would do. Juggling family and career? Ask Jacinda Ardern. Want to affect societal change? Angela Davis is at hand. Pick a card and let 50 feminist gurus guide you through any dilemma.

Laura Callaghan is an Irish illustrator whose work is hand-drawn using a mixture of watercolor, Indian ink, and isograph pen. Her clients include Tate, Adidas, and MTV. She is the illustrator of Find Frida (LKP 2020).

Charlotte Jansen is a British Sri Lankan freelance writer, curator and Editor-at-Large at Elephant Magazine. She contributes to The Guardian, Dazed & Confused, AnOther magazine, Wallpaper*, Artsy and Contemporary Art Review LA. Girl on Girl was her first book which looked at recent female photography and its function in our lives today.

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