New Books: October

New Books: October

We know that for so many people, October is the best month of the year; the turning of the seasons, the golden light, the changing leaves on the trees, and a significant drop in temperature that means that it’s suddenly much more justified to stay inside and read!

And luckily for us (and you!), our October is a bumper month for new books – from books for the tiniest readers, to a brilliant addition to our hugely well-received Little Guides series and our Timelines series, a very special look at the night sky, and not one but two books featuring some amazing animals and brand new illustrators to the list, we’re sure that there is something for everyone…


Baby Art Gallery + Baby Zoo

It’s time to turn your baby into an art critic or a zoologist!

It’s never too soon to learn a new skill: as soon as they are born, babies are learning to focus on high-contrast images … Stimulate and entertain your little genius with these striking black-and-white art cards, inspired by the world’s greatest artists. Your little one will be entranced by their first art experience. Or if they prefer the natural world, your little one can be studying their favourite animals, from alligators to zebras, wherever you are!

It’s time to look and learn together…


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Charles Darwin: Little Guides to Great Lives by Dan Green

Joining the line-up of inspirational men and women in our striking new Little Guides series is the life of Charles Darwin, whose ideas about evolution caused both outrage and wonder, and quickly made him one of the most famous men in history. From his five-year voyage across the high seas to 20 years of research, follow Darwin on his adventure to prove a theory that would change the world.

New to the list, author Dan Green is an award-winning children’s author specialising in all things scientific, and illustrator Rachel Katstaller is an illustrator and strategic designer from tropical El Salvador.

Read more about the whole series here.

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Terrific Timelines: Fashion by Richard Ferguson and Isabel Thomas

Joining our series of instructional and educational timelines, is fashion, taking in historical influences from the ancient world to the modern day. You can find out all about fashion with this beautiful and unique display timeline.

Illustrated by Kelly Smith and featuring 20 of the most iconic looks across history, each fashion era has its own fact file and press-out model to add to your display, making a unique catwalk that runs from ancient Egypt through the Tudors and the jazz age flappers right up to today’s fashionistas.


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A Cat's Guide to the Night Sky by Stuart Atkinson

If you look up at the sky on a dark night, what do you see? There’s a whole universe staring back at you.

In the company of Felicity the cat, discover the phases of the moon, the constellations, and how to spot the Northern Lights and the Milky Way. This beautiful, fun book will introduce you to the beauty of the night sky and show you the stars like you’ve never seen them before.

With beautiful illustrations by Brendan Kearney, this is a very special book that will help you find the wonder in the night sky – throughout the year, and wherever you might be. With practical tips, from new author Stuart Atkinson and with beautiful illustrations that serve to highlight both the adorable narrator-cat, and the natural wonders you’re seeking.

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Elephants on Tour by Guillaume Cornet

Join the elephants on an exciting around-the-world adventure! From the skyscrapers of New York and Tokyo to the jungles of Peru and Madagascar, the elephants are off to see some of the most amazing places in the world – discovering famous buildings, food, transport and activities in each destination along the way.

Guillaume Cornet is also new to the LKP list; a French artist and illustrator living in London and known for his meticulously detailed, hand-drawn scenes packed with thousands of things to spot… So each scene is packed with hundreds of things to find and discover – spot each of the elephants, their lost possessions, and the sights and friends they see along the way.


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A Book of Bears by Katie Viggers

Katie Viggers is a London-based illustrator and the founder of Eightbear, a company that produces an original and witty range of animal books and prints – A Book of Bears is her first book in her own inimitable style, and is sure to be a huge hit with readers young and old.

Discover the brilliant world of bears in this wonderful new book. Learn all about the eight different bears of the world, their likes, their homes and more. Who is the best climber and who is the fastest at catching fish? This book is the perfect introduction to bears around the world.

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Happy Reading from everyone at LKP!

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