Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

We are delighted to share our 2021 holiday gift offerings from Laurence King, a London-based publisher of creative books and gifts for children and adults. With affordable, high quality products spanning topics like pop culture, art, nature, mindfulness, food & drink, animals, and more, we have a little something for everyone on your list.  

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Stocking Stuffers

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Whiskey Poker - Featuring illustrations of 39 malt whiskeys from around the world, plus 13 whiskey-based cocktails, the deck is accompanied by a booklet giving detailed background to the world’s favorite distilleries and recipes for all the cocktails. Perfect for a hand of cards or a handy refresher on how to mix an Old Fashioned. (Now Available; $14.99). 

Movie Genius & TV Genius Standard playing cards starring Hollywood’s finest TV and film characters with suits organized by genre from drama to crime. (Now Available; $10.99)

Jane Austen Playing Cards - Play cards with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet and King and Queen of Hearts, Henry Crawford as Ace Rogue, and many more of Jane Austen’s most memorable characters. (Sept; $14.99)

Virginia Woolf: Inspiring Quotes from an Original Feminist Icon - Over 100 words of wisdom from the inimitable Virginia Woolf on love, literature, feminism, food, work, aging, authenticity, nature, truth, happiness and everything in between, carefully selected and curated from Woolf’s timeless novels, essays and speeches. (Sept; $9.99) 

How to Make Your Dog #Famous - Discover insights into the success of social media’s top pups and follow the essential steps on the road to fame, all while being a good dog parent and making sure your pup is happy and healthy every step of the way.  (Sept; $16.99) 

Therapy Toolkit - Therapy Toolkit features sixty cards devised by an experienced and qualified therapist to help users explore their issues in a compassionate and safe space. (August; $16.99) 

Photographic Memory - Do you ever wish you had a photographic memory? 25 classic photographs have been split in half – match the two halves of the images together to imprint classic photographs on your memory and discover the history of photography in the process. (Now Available; $16.99)

The TikTok Challenge - A set of 100 cards with over 200 crazy challenges for you to film and upload, from lip syncs, dances and dares to ridiculous pranks. Use the cards for solo TikTok inspiration or assemble your friends and family and play them competitively to determine the best TikToker. (Now Available; $14.99) 

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